Friday, February 11, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

I was super excited to be invited to post an entry on any show not covered over at ApeDonkey. They do reviews of every great show, some I don't have the time to watch. The blog is awesome, and I'm constantly checking for updates.

Here's the problem, nobody needs a review of 90210. And I'm not talking about the "New" 90210. I'm talking Brenda, Dylan and Kelly, Donna Martin graduates and David Silver's dance moves.

The DVR in the bedroom is classified as mine. I can't tell you how many episodes I have saved on it. It's slightly embarrassing. And I have my favorites...anything with Kelly and Dylan.

So we all have them, things we hate to admit liking. Despite a huge dislike for pop music, I found myself downloading a Rihanna song a couple of weeks ago. I actually paid for a Rihanna song!! And she's fine, but you wouldn't hear her on channel 54. I am so embarrassed that I won't listen to it in the car with Squirt.

As for movies, Bring It On has to be my top film. I have the lines memorized. And Grease 2. Lance loves it too, but for reasons much different than me. Something to do with Michelle Pfeiffer and Cool Rider.


  1. Cool Rider is going to be playing in my head the rest of the day now! Ha! I love that movie. :)

  2. Let's Bowl and Reproduction would be my favorites. True Story- Lance owned the CD before we even met. And Chelsea bought him the movie one year for Christmas!

  3. I was more of a Lorna Luft guy that Pfieffer during Grease 2.

  4. Just watched our faves on Youtube. Lance was in heaven watching Cool Rider. I should be jealous. He's lucky I'm no prude.