Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy Feet In Hiding

I am so annoyed right now. I only had a few things left to buy this week, one of them being slippers for one of the kids for the feast of St. Nicholas, which is December 6th. I need these slippers by Sunday morning, and I have had no luck. So once again, (as in the third time this week), while the rest of the city was outside playing in the snow, I was at another mall looking for a damn kiosk with slippers. I went all over the Galleria with three little kids, looking for a happy feet kiosk because this one lady was supposed to be there. All I found were three different "pillow friend" kiosks. I am ready to lose it. It's too late to order anything online and googling "slipper kiosk locations in Houston" has not provided the results I desire. My mood is getting worse and worse by the minute.


  1. I'm just curious why you're buying new slippers for this feast day. I thought that the tradition was that you used your best shoes, for the poor their only pair of shoes, and polished them the night before. I think this is great and teaches a little lesson. Humble gifts were placed in the shoes.

    What do you do and what do you put in the slippers?

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  3. We are buying new slippers this year only because the kids were getting new slippers this year, and I decided to transfer that gift to this feast day because it would still be applicable in that these are shoes. We are putting coins in the shoes. Then during the day we will go shopping for Share Sunday and for the "food bank" at Goose's school. We've been reading a lot about St. Nicholas, and on our own this Sunday we are doing our own Super Saints type activities to really reinfornce St. Nicholas.

    You are right about polishing the shoes! And I agree it is a great lesson.

    I heard about the Baptism! I can't wait for pictures. Once the new year starts, I will start emailing you our activites for each week. nicole