Sunday, May 9, 2010

Daybook~ Mother's Day

For Today...May 9, 2010

Outside my's dark, the day is almost over. It is definitely getting hot and humid here, but today wasn't horrible. When I left Chicago this morning it was in the 40's. I can't say I like our weather here any better, but this is what I'm stuck with so I might as well enjoy it like the boys do.

I am wearing...a white shirt, (that seems to move every time I take a picture so that you can see my bra, totally annoying) and a blue skirt with black flip flops. Plus blue toenails! Lance and I had our pedicure last week and I chose blue nail polish. I have to say I love them! And so does he!

I am thankful for...old friends. In the past four weeks I have seen an old high school friend, my first college roommate for two hours on Saturday (she lives five minutes from Paul and Brian!), a friend from law school, and Paul and Brian. I get so sad after seeing all these people, generally whining about how I wished we lived in the same city, but today I'll just be thankful for these wonderful friends.

I am listening oldest two giggle and shush each other. Goose is "spending the night" with Squirt. I hope neither one gets too frustrated with the other before they fall asleep.

I am pondering...motherhood and all the beauty it brings to my life.

I am thinking...about my wise husband. He is honestly the best person I know. He isn't perfect, and I definitely get upset with him, but he is so smart about life and helps me to see things so clearly.

I am creating...plans for Super Saints. We haven't met in two, maybe three weeks because of sick kids. I have no idea what we're doing tomorrow, but we are meeting so I need to get moving on that. Hopefully, my always helpful hubby will come up with something for me!

To be fit and happy...tomorrow I start a new workout routine...Bodycombat three days a week. I really like this class and love the teacher, but I am still bummed about losing Bodystep. I have to keep up with my core class because I'm not any closer to my goal of a flat tummy by 40 and it's only 2 1/2 months away!

Around the of the new beds this week. I am hoping to find comforters before I post pictures though.

From the kitchen...we have no plans and at this point, no groceries. I'm hoping I have enough bread for sandwiches for my two school boys tomorrow. I'm thinking lots of veggies and grilled meats.

One of my favorite things...being a mom. Most people don't understand how I don't have the kids enrolled in Mother's Day Out or pre-school or why I don't do mom's night out or weekends away without all five boys. Here is the reason...I love being with my family. Sure we drive each other crazy at times, but I can't stand being away from them. I love them so much!

A few plans for the rest of the week...
  • Super Saints
  • two park dates for Baby Hulk and Kobra
  • swim lessons
  • lunch with my mother
  • get ready for Squirt's birthday
  • field trip with Goose

A picture thought I'm sharing...

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