Monday, May 31, 2010

My Daybook~ School Is OUT!

For Today...May 31, 2010

Outside my window...Did I mention I live in Texas? Houston to be exact? Everyone thinks Austin has much nicer weather. I went to school there, I remember, it doesn't. Humid and Hot is still Humid and Hot no matter where you are. Austin has so much we want to do outdoors that I think it might suck even more than Houston's humidity. How can you complain about Houston's weather when you are always inside?

I am bathing suit and a Snoopy t-shirt, the one Chelsea gave me years ago! The boys love this shirt.

I am listening to...Matthew Sweet. Brings a smile to my face.

I am thinking...about the great weekend I had in Austin. We had the best time with my cousins and niece and the rest of my extended family. It's a crazy family I'm a part of, but I love getting together with them. It's been far too long since I've seen everyone. I was more than happy to start my summer off with them.

I am also...still bummed about Squirt missing this past weekend. The older cousins (which used to mean me, do I really have a kid that is a teenager???), are all around his age. It is really cool to watch them all together, catching up, teasing each other and making plans to see each other again. Squirt had JROTC camp that started Sunday morning so he missed our weekend. I am excited about him going to camp, but still sad about him missing family time. Plus, his cousins missed him too.

To be fit and happy...hmmm...Something tells me my workouts aren't helping these days! Here's hoping for a change in diet soon.

From the kitchen...smoked chicken, stuffed bell peppers and buffalo burgers at the pool. Lance and I decided that we are eating at the pool at least once a week with the boys. Plus, I want to make cobbler this week. I know I shouldn't, but I have to before all the good berries are gone.

Around the house...I am ordering my new curtains this week! Can't wait to finally have curtains in my dining room.

I am find a reasonable vacation spot for me and the boys, just four or five days to relax and enjoy ourselves this summer. Lance and I are taking a trip by ourselves in August, and I already feel bad that I have nothing planned for the kids beyond Austin and Galveston. Thankfully, the boys love Austin, but still...

I am thankful...for my hosts this weekend. They were so gracious to me and my boys. We couldn't have felt more welcome. Or had a better time. We can't wait for them to visit us!

I am praying for...all my babies and for the son of my mom's good friend.

One of my favorite things...not having to get up and get ready for school anymore. I think we're going to like this lazy routine. Other than this week for Squirt and basketball camp for the BH and Goose, we're not doing anything else except getting on each other's nerves!

A few plans for the rest of the week...
  • lunch dates
  • visiting a friend's new house and swimming
  • play dates
  • dinner for Chris's birthday
  • dinner for Terese's birthday

A picture thought I am sharing...

He is mine, all mine, for the summer!


  1. My kids still have three days of school this week!

  2. We have that schedule next year, I think. Which of course, pisses me off b/c then we won't even have three full months with our children.