Tuesday, May 25, 2010


The smile on Goose's face is for one reason: big brother is at his school!

Singing in French and signing at the same time, this is no ordinary kid show!

Proud Parents of their K grad!

Look at my Goose! He is so excited and proud of himself. Today we celebrated his promotion ceremony at school. It was short and to the point. Each child walked across the stage to receive their little diploma. It was so sweet. And he just couldn't get over big brother being at school with him. I love seeing my boys so happy with each other. This has been such a LONG year for me, and I am more than ready for summer to start (two more days!) so I can spend all day long with all my boys. Do I still wish things were different? Yes, every day of my life. But he's happy and had a good year, and for that, I am thankful.

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