Sunday, May 9, 2010


Last week I mentioned how I'm not a fan of Hallmark Holidays. Nothing has changed, but since today is Mother's Day, I am forced to reflect on Moms. I have a great mom, have friends who are wonderful mothers and love being a mom myself, so reflecting on motherhood isn't such a bad thing.

I was sitting on the plane this morning praying and trying to stay calm. Usually I offer up my prayers for my peace of mind while flying and the obvious- please don't let the plane crash. Today I decided to offer my prayers for all mothers, but mostly me. (Because to be honest, most of my prayers are for me or my kids!) But this time it was a prayer of thanksgiving for this wonderful gift. This amazing gift of motherhood. Not a day goes by that I don't marvel at my children. Sure, they drive my crazy at least once a day, usually more, but each one of my children is amazing in their own unique ways. I have a couple of sweet ones, one who is just like me, and a baby who is just beginning to show his true personality. And I can't believe that God has trusted me with these children. There are days when I look back and I'm ashamed at the type of mother I've been to them. I pray for forgiveness and for the strength to do better the next day. But I am always thankful for these children. I am thankful for the chance to raise them and am petrified of not getting it right.

I look back at my childhood and think about how great it was and it was mostly due to my mom. Yes, I have a great dad, but mom was IT. She did ALL the day to day stuff, as most moms did back then and never complained. Probably because she loved it as much as I do now. She was meant to be a stay at home mom. I loved hanging out with her and used to say that she would ground me in high school just so I would have to stay home and hang out with her. (I'm sure I never deserved it.) I'm hoping to take all the good from her and give it to my kids.

Thank you God for my mother and for these wonderful children you have entrusted to me. I promise to love them and take care of them for you.

And thank you Lance for giving me the four little people who call me mom!

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