Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sleepless Nights

There are things that I don't have to try, and I know I don't like them. We all have certain perceptions that we aren't going to change. One thing I always knew was that I didn't ever want a Family Bed. EVER. I don't even want a bassinet in my room, much less a baby sleeping in my bed. It works out great for tons of people, but I knew before I ever thought of getting married that co-sleeping wasn't for me. AND NOW....I can positively say that co-sleeping isn't for me. In fact, I think it pretty much sucks. Kobra has become such a little fuss at night to the point that he screams at the top of his lungs and refuses to go back down in his crib. Then he starts pointing to my room. The second he lays down in MY bed, he closes his eyes and falls fast asleep. It is so hard for me to let him win this battle...I can't sleep because he moves around too much, he doesn't like covers and makes fussing noises and what about intimacy. I mean, how do people who co-sleep have sex with a baby in their bed? I'm sorry, but that grosses me out. I am more likely to move to another room than to sleep with this little kid. Of course, then I lose being near Lance, but Kobra has already ruined that with his presence because he has to be in the middle of us. I am guessing that he spends at least one to two nights a week in my bed. This kid is pretty stubborn, but has no clue how stubborn I am. I promise to win this fight, no matter how many other kids lose sleep in the process.

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  1. You better nip it in the bud, before it really gets out of control. Maybe I need to go over there and be the one to get up with him and then when he is ready to go to sleep I can talk to him. It has worked with other things. He is getting to where he listens to Mimi. The second you give in, it is all over. Offer him a couple of Blueberries and make sure he understands that it is just 2 or so. Make a deal that he will get back in his bed or nothing on the treat. I realize that children are going to perform more for their parents than they do for even grandparents.