Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Daybook~ Fifteen!

For Today...May 16, 2010

Outside my's barely light, warm and humid-Houston weather.

I am listening to...Ben Folds

I am longhorn shorts and a tie-dyed longhorn t-shirt.

I am thinking...that I am about to have a fifteen year old! YIKES! We celebrated his birthday today with my family. Lance and I made the cake-not bad, right?!

To be fit and happy...see the above cake? Last week, I made cookies to prove to Goose that I do indeed cook more than pre-made kolaches. I ate tons of cookie dough, tons of cake, plus we stopped and had cookies this weekend at my favorite cookie shop. And we had an amazing meal last night and pizza today and and and and. Food is never ending for me. I love it. Thankfully, I love to workout. Because BATHING SUIT SEASON HAS STARTED. (see below). If that doesn't scare me into eating better and working out, nothing will. So, hard workouts all week and sensible eating.

From the kitchen...Since tomorrow is Squirt's birthday, he gets to pick what we eat. He picked Double Dave's buffet. Sensible eating starts on Tuesday. We are having grilled veggies and chicken bones as the boys call them on Tuesday. Then more vegetables the rest of the week. Here is what Lance and I had last night. Lamb was to die for! And we had time to ourselves for FIVE. WHOLE. MINUTES. before one of the kids that was supposed to be asleep came running in for a taste.

Around the house...the new beds are up, and I have chosen the bedding. Actually, Lance chose. The boys and I wanted simple, but very bright blue bedding. I suppose these are more boyish and will grow with the boys. They love the beds, and I can't wait to start on the playroom. AND...I finally (after three years) found curtains for my dining room. I am ordering them asap...meaning when I have money.

I am creating...memories for my children. I know all kids love birthdays, but I think and hope we make these days special for our children. I love that the younger boys are so excited about their brother's birthday tomorrow and that Squirt is still excited about his cake. (He wouldn't look until it was done!)

I am thankful family who came and celebrated Squirt's birthday with us today.

I am praying for...two very specific test results. I can't be any clearer with God for what I want. Here's hoping my intentions match His plans.

One of my favorite things...the boys at church. We certainly don't have the most kids around, but we do turn a few heads. Sometimes, we'll sit down and people get a worried look on their face. Today, we sat next to the nicest lady who within five minutes whispered to me how great my boys were. I couldn't agree more.

A few plans for the rest of the many
  • Squirt's birthday
  • Super Saints- Pentecost
  • lunch with Chelsea
  • doctor's appointments
  • three haircuts
  • park dates for the BH
  • swim lessons
  • dinner with Clint and Shea
  • the theatre
  • birthday party for the boys

Signs of

Could they be having more fun?


  1. That is an AWESOME cake! Hope it tasted as great as it looked.

    The look on your baby's face in the bottom pictures is absolute joy! How fun!

  2. "I am longhorn shorts and a tie-dyed longhorn t-shirt."

    Gee, how shocking.

    Your husband who pays to have bunk beds put together and who is just fine with that.