Tuesday, May 4, 2010

One Left Standing...

It's Tuesday afternoon and we're down to one person: ME. Thankfully, I have yet to catch this virus, but I'm not an idiot, I know it's coming and I'm sure it will arrive at the worst possible time. The bright side of this is that everyone else will be able to take care of me!

Squirt's downfall came pretty fast in the middle of Sunday night, but he was still unable to return to school today. He didn't seem to mind except that he is confined to his room again. (This makes two weeks in a row for him. Last week it was due to bad behavior. He has already made sure he can come out as soon as he comes home tomorrow!)

Here is Kobra yesterday at the ER getting an IV. As you can imagine, he was less than thrilled with the procedure. Poor kid, he is using all the signs he knows to get more than a tablespoon of Gatorade every twenty minutes.

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  1. Google coconut water and benefits, including electrolytes. It's far superior than Gatorade---it's our family drink...try it!