Sunday, August 22, 2010

Daybook~ Back To School

For Today...Sunday, August 22, 2010

Outside my's dark and quiet. Summer is still going strong here in Houston, but school looms in the air. Tomorrow we wake up early and I can't remember if it will be light or not, it's been a long time since we woke up before 7 am.

I am listening old mix. Songs my boys like that, of course, I have encouraged.

I am wearing...longhorn shorts and a longhorn t-shirt. Funny thing, or maybe not, but I changed everyone at the pool tonight before dinner and then forgot to change myself. So there I was in my bathing suit at the table and Goose pointed out that everyone was dressed but me.

I am thinking...that we had a great summer. I truly don't understand the whole "I'm ready for them to go back" mentality. And I know some of it's just talk, but heart is already aching about tomorrow. The boys were great and Goose and the Baby Hulk played so well all summer long, like best buddies. I asked Squirt if there was anything else he wanted this summer about a week ago and he said he was really happy with his summer, which made me happy.

I am grateful family. We had a great last week of summer and enjoyed every last second of it. Lance was super busy, but still managed to join us most of the time.

I am excited...that Lance is going to be writing for Orangebloods now! He'll be writing about the NFL and draft. It was fun reading the comments on the boards, which were mostly positive.

From the kitchen...So excited, I made a menu last week and kept it the entire week. We only went out to eat once and that was a planned back to school lunch for the kids! We tried some new recipes and everyone was happy with the food. I have already planned the menu for the week. Love when I am organized!

On keeping home...Now that I'll have some free time, I will be working on the house. I want to organize things more, get rid of stuff, go through the garage before it's torn down, etc. Basically, I want all my nesting done now rather than in November.

From the learning room...Since I lose my star pupil tomorrow, which really means my easiest pupil, I start with the Baby Hulk. I have specific goals in mind for this year, but need to go over them with Lance first. I have books to order from the library so I don't get in trouble for buying more books. I am excited to start some preschool work with him and to see if he's ready to read like I think he is. I've learned so much about homeschooling since Goose, but he and the BH are very different so I have a lot more to learn about how each kid ticks. Regardless, next week we start a very loose, non curriculum based homeschool for the BH.

To live the liturgy...Lance and I are deciding whether or not we want to "teach" Squirt his confirmation class at home or send him to the church. To be honest it partly has to do with convenience. Going to the church twice a week for catechism will be pretty difficult for us. I have found some really good sources for Squirt which would be great for the three of us. (And quite honestly, it would be better than what I got when I was 15, which was partly due to me and partly due to the teacher.) Then there is Goose...who I think we'll definitely teach at home since we are preparing for First Communion in a year and a half.

One of my favorite things...soaking in the tub. I love it!!!

Kobra this, he looked at me and said, "I love you mom." Then did the same to Lance. Does it get any better than this?!

The Baby not happy about his big brothers going to school tomorrow.

I predict these two will be best friends soon!

I am praying...that Squirt's next surgery goes well. He will be having his third nasal surgery. The doctor assured me that we will stop polyps from growing again, but I'm a bit weary that we'll be in this same position again since we've been doing all the things he talked about for the past five years with the same crummy results.

A few plans for the week...getting to school on time! settling into a new routine at home with just two around (for now!), swim lessons, pool over the weekend, a couple of play dates, enjoying the family.

I am also grateful...for the third year anniversary of the little station that could! Congrats to 1560 and my awesome husband. You are the funniest and smartest person on the air in Houston, (and I'm sure everywhere else). I love hearing stories of "how funny your husband is". I will never tire of being Mrs. Lance Zierlein. Your listeners are awesome and I'm glad you are smart enough to recognize how important and great they are! I am so proud of you, Lance, and this station.

A picture thought I am sharing...

my entire crew~after their back to school lunch. Good luck tomorrow, Jessica, Squirt and Goose! Love you guys so much!

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