Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Name Game

The biggest question since last week is now "have you thought of any names". The answer is no. First, Lance hates this game more than any other what-if type of game. The bargaining I have to do to get him to play is out of control! Someone yesterday told me the baby would be here before I knew it. Maybe so, but we won't be playing that game until probably November. And here is the thing, we won't be telling anyone our thoughts on the name anyway. Sure, there are about two friends I might tell, but usually, I just give names I know we won't use if really pressed. I am sure most can guess how I feel about people's opinions on a potential name for my baby. Right, I don't care. And mainly, I have no desire to hear a negative opinion about a name I like. Generally, if you wait to announce a name at the baby's birth even the rudest people keep their mouths shut. I can say that Mary Helena is out. I so want to name a baby after the Virgin Mary and St. Helena is one of my favorite saints. Lance just laughed and said no. So mom, when you don't have a baby named after you, it's Lance's fault! He says being named after the Virgin Mary is too much pressure. Whatever, but he does get to choose too, I suppose.

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