Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Nerds Gone Wild

For the past two nights, Goose has gone to sleep with a book. It's a reasonable sized book, not a true chapter book like we read together, but a book that would take two to three nights to read aloud. This morning, I caught him with the book and a flashlight. I didn't start that until I was in my teens. Is this a good thing or not?!


  1. I've been wondering the same thing. Our daughter was turning on her lamp after we put her to bed and reading late into the night. It's very strange to tell your kid to stop reading. Then we found out she was waking up at 2 & 3 in the morning to read her books. She was blazing through a Ramona book a day.

  2. I started doing that in first grade, as well! And I still read voraciously. :)

    I know I drove my parents nuts with the flashlights and the nightlights and with them constantly telling me I was going to ruin my eyes before I was 10! Ha!

  3. Since Jilly turned out okay, do we let them continue reading?! Lance busted Goose last night and made him hand over the flashlight. It kind of made me sad. I really love the fact that he enjoys reading so much and it's not a stall tactic before bedtime, but a true love for books. Lance better watch out or I'll be ordering more books soon.

    I guess my only concern would be if the other two are kept up by his actions, but I don't think they have been so far.