Thursday, August 19, 2010

Quick Hits

Thank God for my baby! Lance has managed to get Snax back in the crib after two weeks of sleeping on a pallet. It was kind of cute how he would sleep on a pallet until he was walking the halls two hours past his bedtime. He also kept his brothers up during the night with all of his goofing around. Lance has been putting him to bed, but today I managed to get him down for a nap without any fuss.

Is it bad that I can eat a huge watermelon by myself in less than three days?

A friend I haven't seen all summer stopped by the other night. She finally had to ask if there was something I needed to tell her. I had totally forgotten to tell her our baby news. I hope I haven't left anyone else out.

I totally screwed myself by waiting until the last minute to buy Squirt's school shirts. Instead of spending 80 at the school, I got charged extra plus tax for each shirt at the uniform store. I hate when I do things like that and I hate that the lady tried to tell me the price was basically the same. A 16 dollar difference is not the same price.

The Baby Hulk is walking around with underwear on his head. This is the kid who laughs at farts and tries to kiss the babysitter nonstop. And he's only three. What am I going to do when he is older?!

Squirt gave me the nicest compliment the other day when he told me that he could only tell me his problems, not Lance. It's weird because he is definitely a dad's boy, but there is something to be said about telling mom your heartaches.

Goose has five chapters left in his last book before school starts. I hate to admit, but this was the worst "last" book for our summer reading. It's a bit difficult and I think he senses that this is it for summertime fun. He would rather play than read two chapters! Thus, he is stalling on and on. Totally stinks because I have a short project once he finishes the book.

Who knew braces were so expensive? Not me! And of course, we're not even sure that our insurance covers any of it. More than likely it doesn't. Between Lance's shoulder, my pregnancy, the birth and Squirt's nose, we are screwed this year. No extras at all. Sometimes I wish I believed in credit cards.

I bought my favorite preggo purchase so far! My longhorn shirt for the games. I hate when girls chach out and dress up for games. I hated it during college and now it's just laughable, but still annoying. Anyway, I found the perfect shirt to wear this season. Can't wait for the first game with all my Longhorn boys!

Only three more days until school. So sad!

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