Monday, August 9, 2010

Daybook~ One Last Celebration

For Today...August 9, 2010

Outside my window...this was my view last week. How I wish I was still waking up to the sounds of the water hitting the rocks and seeing this view every evening. Instead, it's so very hot and humid at home.

I am listening to...Top Chef. We have been without television for what seems like a long time so we have some catching up to do. I am so ready to watch Mad Men. Even though Draper seems to be getting slightly pathetic right now, I love him even more than ever.

I am longhorn shorts and a t-shirt. Clothes are not my friends during pregnancy. Why can't I be a cute preg who barely gains any weight????

I am grateful for...forever friends, an amazing husband, sunsets, nature, desserts, campfires, vacations, my mom, my boys, this pregnancy and so many wonderful memories from last week.

My Cake that Brian made just for me!

Our Lady of Lourdes Lladro

Can you imagine how peaceful this place was?

Ready for the night's campfire

My favorite men!!

My handsome baby!

I am reading...I am almost done with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. And yes, I read the ending and then some early on and have decided that I don't really like the book. I guess if you're into women getting raped a bunch, this is the book for you. The fact that the main character is a bad ass hacker doesn't take away from the violence for me. I don't think I'll be reading the rest of the series. I will be buying another copy for my friend Stacy though. Her copy got wet, and Lance tossed it into the ashes from our fires. Nice.

I am thinking...or rather trying to avoid the thought of the kids going back to school in less than two weeks. Where did the summer go? We have plans with the twins this week and a goodbye for some friends leaving town, but other than that, the kids are all mine. No sharing at all. I want to spend every last second with them before they are gone for the majority of their day. Interesting that someone asked me today if I got bored with them around all day. It couldn't be farther from the truth. I hope we enjoy every last minute.

On keeping home...I came home to a very clean house. Thanks, Mom! I just need to keep going through closets and assessing what we really need to keep. I so wish we could get rid of the kiddie games, but we still have Kobra and the new one before those can leave our closets. I can't wait until I have my shelves. I have two ideas running through my head right now, I just need to make a decision and commit.

From the kitchen...did you see my cake? I ate most of it myself. Plus, scones and tons of other great food all week long. Lance wants to eat healthy this week so we're going to try and get a menu going that will support that goal. I need to make a grocery run and a Costco run for some berries!

To be fit and happy...I am fit, if not skinny. And I know I'm not supposed to be skinny right now, but the weight just keeps piling on. I am almost afraid to see if I gained quite this fast on my other pregnancies. At this rate I am going to beat my record for gaining weight. That is so not my goal!

I am creating...plans for the new year and Super Saints. The boys have made it clear they want their club back and I'm all for it. Goose was looking at a book list from another blog today and noted that we needed several books for our Saints collection!

I am relationship with God. While flying I always pray the rosary. I usually add in some extra one liners in between the Hail Marys. For my last few flights it's been "I believe in You, I love You, I trust in You, I adore You." It becomes a sort of chant. Once we safely landed and I was in the beauty that was our vacation spot, I had time to think about it. Do I really believe and trust? Do I live like I do? Do I show my love for Him? Probably not. This means, I really need to work on that. Brian asked me what I would do if the kids left the church. I admitted that I would be devastated. Period. I think people assume that I just want them to be happy and make their own decisions and blah, blah, blah. And yes, I want them to be smart and question things including the existence of God, but let's be clear, I want them Catholic. If they don't see that love of God, love of faith at home, where else will they see it?

Not the fires of hell, but rather the fire from the fish boil.

My favorite people!!!

Because I can't get enough of me and him.

One of my favorite with my husband. We are so lucky to have my mom take care of the kids.

Plans for the week...the gym, swim lessons, dr's appts, school shopping (yikes!), the zoo, loving each other!

My last picture thought...

The airport shot


  1. I want to go to this beautiful place right now! Wisconsin correct? Great pictures. I bet the weather was freaking awesome.

  2. The weather was perfect. While we were ready to come home and see our kids, it was so upsetting to hear the weather was in the 90's when we landed at 7:45 pm! The weather there was in the low 80's each day and at night I could wear a sweatshirt, not required, but a nice touch I thought. It was so nice being on the water and there is stuff to do as well. We LOVED it. Of course, they do have that bad winter that starts pretty early and lasts a long time, but I could certainly handle a summer home there.

  3. Gorgeous pictures, and looks like an amazing and relaxing time!

  4. Hey Nicole did you fly into Chicago & drive up? We are looking for a weekend get away to do in next few wks. We have a couple of free SW tickets & they fly to MidWay. I hate SW but husband has to fly them all the time for work & FREE IS FREE!

  5. Denise, we did drive from Chicago, and for us it worth it b/c of Paul and Brian. If not, it's a long drive (4 hours) for a flight plus a drive. Know what I mean? I loved this place and will be going back again, but you really need four days. Will think of more ideas for you and email them. nicole