Monday, August 2, 2010

Quick Hits

I am finally reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I think it's as good as the rest of the world does. The only problem: I am only 105 pages in and I have already started reading ahead. There is no chance I make it to the last 100 pages without reading the end first.

How much fun do you think I had shopping for bras with five boys? In this case, Lance counts as a BOY. As I was shopping, all I could think was "why did I want another baby". My chest is just getting bigger and bigger and will be for a year after the birth of this child. I so hate this part. God willing, this child will NOT inherit her mom's boobs. I can promise it completely and utterly sucks.

The Baby Hulk got in trouble the other day and told me that his animals didn't like me anymore. I didn't much like them or him either.

Goose is showing over and over that he will be a perfect surgeon and that is not a compliment.

Squirt leaves tomorrow to visit my in-laws. I asked if he was excited, and he said yes, but a little nervous about the flight. I have tried so hard not to instill my fear of flying in my kids, but he is old enough to know how I feel. The sad part is that I could barely come up with something to calm his nerves other than "flying is safer than driving."

Chelsea left for school last Saturday. We are going to miss her quite a bit. The boys really liked seeing her and it was so cute that her and the boys like the same music! There is still that Alabama problem though...

Please pray for my sweet Jessica's grandmother. She is not doing well. She has been more than a grandmother to Jessica and I am saddened by her condition. Prayers to her and her dad as well as the rest of her family.

Kobra has a new nickname: Snax. The kid is such a bully when it comes to food and it is so annoying. He also hates his crib now. Lance and I have kept our kids in cribs until they were almost four each. It's pretty sad, but they never climbed out of the cribs so we never felt the need to move them. Snax has other ideas. He has decided he hates his crib and won't sleep there. He has slept with Squirt, on a chair, in my bed, and has now finally settled on a pallet on the floor. When we come home from our trip, I'll be buying another bed.

The worst thing I have done lately is allow one of my good friends to hear about my pregnancy via my blog. I had this thing that I wanted to tell everyone in person. And it worked, mostly. While I was able to tell most of my friends in person, I didn't get to tell my family in Austin because of Goose's eye problem and by the time I did have the chance, someone else had already told them. The one chance I had to tell this friend was at her birthday party. I didn't want to make it about me. So instead, I never told her and she found out the worst way. I promise it wasn't because I was mad at you, Shea. At least, I didn't text you the news. I realize it's different for the younger generation, ie. Chelsea, Squirt, Jessica, but you don't text certain things: thank you's, birthday wishes, important news like I'm pregnant. Well, you can text it, but it must be followed up if you are a grown-up, which I guess means 40.

Since I'm pregnant I can't take Xanax on my flight Wednesday. I feel sorry for Lance who thinks he will be sleeping during the flight. Ha! I have problems with easy flights, much less bumpy ones.

Lance had the great idea to pack early for this trip. We leave Wed morning and it's now Tuesday morning. We've yet to pack a thing.

Happy Birthday Whataburger. I'll be there tonight!!!

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  1. You are forgiven.

    And I hear you. I'm seriously (I mean SERIOUSLY) considering a reduction. I have this super cool tshirt from the Bob show that I put on today. It fit fine everywhere except across the chest, where it looked trashy. I can't take it anymore.