Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I have a major fear of flying that is silly, but very real to me. Even with Xanax, I get all freaked out before, during and after a flight. And I take a lot of Xanax, an amount that can't be good for me. We leave early tomorrow and I'm already starting to freak about the flight. What if something happens and so on. And now, when I am in flight mode, is when Lance rushes around the house saying "I need our routing number so they can set up our life insurance before we leave." NOW? He picked now to say something like that! WTF! So now I am left to wonder if he has a bad feeling about this or what. Who is going to watch my kids if I die? And no offense to family members, but I'm not sure who I want to take care of my kids if something ever happens to us. The feeling must be mutual with regards to us at least because nobody has asked us to be anyone's guardians. UGH. Even more stressed now! Thanks, honey!

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