Thursday, August 26, 2010

Something Missing

Another milestone was hit today in Casa Zierlein. And it wasn't Goose screaming and crying in the dentist's office. The ladies kept trying to explain away his tears, but I just didn't care. I wasn't embarrassed, (slightly annoyed, but not embarrassed). There are few things my kids can do to shame me. Did I want him to look like a big cry baby? Not really. It's one of the few things little kids do that really grate on my nerves. But there we were, him screaming before they even got near him. Finally, they had to take him to the back for his X-rays. And the things is I just don't understand his fear. Why? Because at age 40, I've never had a cavity! Hopefully, this kid has my teeth.

ANYWAY...the point of this post wasn't about my poor guy hating the dentist, although he did finally calm down. My baby boy lost his first tooth!!! And he wants a tiny rocket ship under his pillow. Lance said tough, he gets money. I am fighting the urge to run out and buy a tiny rocket ship because I don't want him sad in the morning. Lance also says that he only gets four quarters. I got at least four quarters thirty-four years ago. Marivi just told me they gave her son five bucks. I'm somewhere in between, but of course, I have no cash. I may be calling Jessica for help tonight! Congratulations my sweet boy on losing your first tooth!

For those that don't read the comments: Lance came through with a five for Goose! I would hate for anyone to think he is cheap because he isn't. I am the cheap one on most things.


  1. Your blog post brings back so many memories. FOUR quarters WTF is wrong with Lance! OMG!
    What about inflation LZ!
    Although I just remembered a cool thing a friend of ours did for her 4 kids when they lost a tooth. She put a Silver Dollar under the pillow for each tooth. Still 4 quarters but not something a child sees everyday. Her kids are my boys ages but they all still talk about how cool the Tooth Fairy was in their House.

  2. Funny that you say that about inflation, Denise. I am going to have to update and let everyone know that Lance must have tweeted about this b/c he came home last night with a five! (I had already made arrangements with Jess to give Goose a 2 dollar bill, which would have been really cool. Next time I'll do that.) But Goose was still talking about that rocket ship as he was going to bed, he has very specific one (tiny) in mind, so we'll be looking for that today. He looks so cute, but the pics aren't quite as cute!

  3. Ours get five dollars, which I think is crazy. Especially when one loses 4 teeth in one week.