Sunday, September 26, 2010

Daybook~ OU Sucks

Outside my window...It's sunny again. We're due for a cold front, and I would be so happy if that came true. It was miserably hot this week. The humidity almost killed me. So please, some nice weather would be nice.

I am listening to...The Texans and the Cowboys play. And Goose talk total shit right now. I don't think he realizes that I'm a Cowboys fan through and through. And that's fine as long as he likes the Longhorns. It is pretty cute watching him get excited about the game.

Speaking of...what the eff happened to my team? I knew there were major problems, but come on...more than a bit worried about this weekend. When the Longhorns lose, I usually retire whatever shirt I've worn so far. Since I'm pregnant, that really isn't an option for me this year. Also hoping nobody is dumb enough to call or expect to see me on Saturday. I watch games with Lance, my brother and dad or alone in the bedroom. There might be few exceptions for some games but definitely not for TX/OU. None.

I am wearing...a blue shirt and beige shorts with my heart pendant. Love my pendant.

I am grateful...that my hubby decided to watch the game at home instead of at Reliant. It's been a long week and I didn't want another day without him around.

I am praying...that we make the right decision about Goose.

I am thinking...that this week has been really long. I am tired and still have to make it to Costco and the grocery store, plus cook dinner and get ready for the week.

From the kitchen...another great week. We made lettuce wraps, which we loved so much we are having them again on Monday. I have a pretty good menu planned, but am hoping my baby takes me to dinner next weekend.

On keeping home...I love a clean house! Honestly, there are few things that make me that happy. Here's hoping that I keep up with things this week. I have a full bag for donations from just one toy basket. We didn't make it to the closets this week, but I am anticipating a huge donation drop this week. Yay for purging.

From the learning rooms...Goose read a Merlin Mission that took him to Florence. He read about Leonardo Da Vinci. It was cool to show him pictures from my past trips there and to look at Da Vinci's paintings online. We finished A week in science and will start Bugs next week. We already have three books, two games, some fun worksheets, (if you can call worksheets fun) and we're off to the library for more books tomorrow. I ordered Handwriting Without Tears for the Baby Hulk and can't wait to start. Super excited about that.

On living the's a big week for Saints. Last week we had Padre Pio, next week we have the Archangels, St. Jerome, St. Terese and St. Francis. These are all amazing saints that the boys can relate to really well so I am excited about that.

To be fit and happy...I am loving spin. The instructor rocks. I feel like the slowest one in there, but don't care. Now if I could just get rid of my sweet tooth.

Around the house...we bought three paint samples yesterday. I hope we make a quick decision this week and hire someone next week. And please, God, can you get people moving on my garage? Yes, I can deal with a newborn and workers, but I DON'T WANT TO.

One of my favorite things...learning toys. I am so lame, but I love them! My current favorite is Super Mind. The Baby Hulk is really good at these puzzles. And I just realized that they have a magnetic version for the car as well. Both Goose and Baby Hulk want them for Christmas.

Another favorite thing...DEXTER! It starts tonight. Can't wait.

Snax this week...let's see...he fell off a chair again yesterday, leaving a huge bruise on his forehead. Did that matter to him? Nope, he was up on a chair again within seconds. He pulled an apple out of the garbage, went outside and got in the mud, screamed at everyone. All this is cute, but the thing about him is that he has a rotten attitude a lot of the time. He has been pretty sweet talking to his brothers though. I love hearing him pick up new words.

A few plans for the week...Baby Hulk's four year old check up and the library on Monday, The Magic Flute at Miller's Outdoor theatre on Tuesday, swim lessons Wednesday and Thursday, cleaning and a play date for the little ones on Friday. A busy week.

A picture thought I am sharing...

The boys and the twins

Explanation: First, I know it's fuzzy, but since we were at church I had to turn the flash off. It was just so cute watching the little ones try and copy Goose during Mass that I just had to take a picture. And yes, I know I am not supposed to be taking pictures during Mass, but Mass was almost over, my mood from the loss had not improved and well, I just took the picture because I wanted to take it.

Am I allowed to be happy right now? The Cowboys won!

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