Friday, September 24, 2010

Short Takes

If nothing else, this blog is a place for me to vent. The good and bragging about my kids and husband as well as the negative. Lately is seems super negative, but it's been a really long week.

My dislike for Goose's teacher is going up and up. Yesterday, she wrote a note home reminding me that his red folder needed to be turned on every Monday, with the word EVERY underlined. Silly lady needs to check her crap before reminding me like that. The red folder: at school. I ran into someone from the school, a dad I don't even know who made the mistake of asking if I liked Rogers. Not the day for that question. I went on for twenty minutes about my dislikes, esp his teacher, apologizing because he is clearly happy there and didn't ask to be dumped on like I did. Turns out, he has heard horrible things about the teacher too. That's good and bad: good because I'm not crazy with my feelings, bad because now what do I do? He did recommend venting to the principal. I like that idea!

I think maybe my mood this week was at an all time low because of watching back to back episodes of SVU. Could this show make you more afraid to let your kids out of your sight???

The good...Travis Rogers started working for 1560, and he came to dinner. The boys loved him and thankfully, he misses his family right now so he had no problem listening to them all night.

Goose was out early today from school so we went to Whole Foods to count different types of apples. We found 14 varieties. The boys guessed 12 and 13 different types, not bad. We've been learning about apples all week. The boys have read several different books, and we were happy to find a picture book with Amelia Bedelia. Turns out she was just as goofy as a kid. Goose and Baby Hulk think we need to buy all the Amelia Bedeia books for our home library. I could be persuaded, I think. We have two small projects tomorrow and we're off to Bugs next week!

I feel better and it's not just from venting. I cleaned house wearing a superhero cape. Goose's idea. God, I love my boys!


  1. I dont even have kids and SVU scares the hell out of me. I watched it the first couple of seasons, but now I cant even watch a few seconds of it before I have to change the channel. Criminal Minds does that to me sometimes, too. Just makes me sick!

    What superhero were you?? Cause that is AWESOME. :)

  2. Super Mom, of course! Kidding! I can't remember what Goose decided, but it was pretty cool. In fact, I was still wearing it when Travis got to the house.

    SVU is like a train wreck for me, I can't take my eyes off it. I let go for a few years, but am now back on again. Need a different hobby.