Monday, September 20, 2010

School Sucks

I hate Goose's school. There, I said it. It's not better this year. In fact, it's worse. Quite frankly, I don't see what the big deal is about the school. If this is a G/T or Vanguard program, I would hate to see how bad a regular school in the city is. The fact that it is rated so high means nothing to me since the ratings are basically based upon test scores.

I remember someone once telling me how they had a friend at a different Vanguard school that loved the program. The school was also a neighborhood school, and their second kid hadn't qualified for the program. Supposedly that program was so great and interesting that he wished the other kid were in it. I have no feelings like that. Let's see, the first field trip of the year is to the exact same place he went last year. Super imaginative on their part. When I asked Goose's teacher for an explanation about the type of reading test he had been given this year, she couldn't tell me the difference between this test and the one he took last year. I asked for a class schedule, and she didn't want to give me one. He missed three days of school and had three worksheets to complete while gone. What the eff do they do all day? Why not tell the parents what they are studying so we can do something at home with our children that might reinforce their studies? At the very least, I'd love to have a conversation with my son about what he does during the day. Without a guide to their studies, I have to rely on him giving me a play by play of the day, which most people know six year olds don't give.

My friend once asked me if I thought school was just about the three R's when I moaned about the time wasted in school. While I realize there is more than just learning the basics, like making friends and learning to follow rules, I do think the three R's are what it should be about. It seems to me they don't do much except learn how to walk in the halls. I swear, it takes them more than ten minutes to get back from the cafeteria. I can promise if they just go, they would get there much more quietly.

And please explain why I, the person who doesn't believe in shit homework, am stuck doing it every day with him. They have him there all day long, maybe if they spent more time in the room rather than learning how to walk down the hallway, they would learn more and not have petty worksheets.

They say that your first fight with your spouse is the same thing you will fight about for the rest of your relationship. I think it's safe to say that this subject matter has taken over.

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