Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Week

I LOVED last week's episode of Mad Men. Love Don. Love Peggy. Love them together. As best friends. Loved when she told him off and when he yelled right back at her. Lance thinks Don might be emerging from the hell hole he's been in all season, but I think he can still fall further.

Tonight I sort of parked in front of some guy's car so I could run into Lance's fantasy auction to say hello to two guys who flew in from out of town. One from New York, the other from Hawaii. The guy I blocked wasn't amused and told me he didn't care how many rug rats I had, he didn't want me blocking in his car. I told him to "eff off." I almost felt bad for blocking his car, then he insulted my kids. What an ass.

Goose was back at the eye doctor this week. The doctor said to keep him home until his eye wasn't red anymore. Lance thinks it's fine. On the other hand, I feel he needs a bit longer. We've finished two books, done math facts, religion, made cookies, art and just had a blast. I don't think the BH wants him to go back to school either. Maybe this eye thing could work in my favor.

This morning I sent Squirt to school on the bus, only to have the bus not pick him up. So he started his day by arriving thirty minutes late to school. Then I got a phone call because he was out of dress code. He wasn't wearing his dorky uniform shorts. They didn't let him return to class until we took him new shorts. I hate when there are rules I just don't care about it. It's hard not to let the kids know I don't agree with them or care about them. He had a really bad day yesterday, then was bummed about today, so I decided the only thing that could make it better was Double Dave's pizza buffet. The kids so loved me tonight!

Goose lost another tooth last Sunday night. The only problem: he couldn't find it. I think he swallowed it, but am not that interested in finding out. Regardless, he was so upset that he had nothing to leave the tooth fairy. He wrote a sweet note explaining the problem and got his cash.

It's official...I am a football widow. Lance is gone again for his fifth and last fantasy draft. Then there are the Texans games, the games he Tivo's, the college ones, the players, the articles and so on. And I can never really complain because it's "part of the job."

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