Sunday, September 12, 2010


1. While discussing what the boys could have for dinner, I told Lance that the Baby Hulk could have something different from he said. BH in his most smart ass voice said, "I told you mom was boss." I could have died. I try really hard to make Lance the big boss of the house. I might need to work on that a bit more.

2. Goose and the Baby Hulk were discussing heaven. Goose assured him that "you don't die until you are really old and short, like Bisa." Baby Hulk said,"Like Mimi and grandpa?" I think he was just referring to the short part, but should I be posting this right before his birthday? It got worse because Goose then told me I didn't have to worry because I wasn't shrinking yet.

3. After hearing the boys argue about who I love best, Lance asked Goose who he loved best, thinking Goose would answer appropriately. Goose took no time in saying "Mom". He was quick to add that he loved Lance "second best". Did I smile at all?


  1. Caroline and Sam know who's the big boss in the house...Nick is in a good place with it!

  2. Lance says he can start imposing his will. What can we say? We run the house and the kids know it, right?!