Thursday, September 2, 2010


Need some cheap shelving. Go to IKEA. Need a cheap couch. IKEA. Want to decorate your home every three years, go to IKEA. Everything at IKEA is super cheap. Everyone knows this. So why is it that I go there and find the one item that is going to cost me $900? And we STILL have to put it together. Because of course, everything at that damn store has to be put together. I have finally found some shelves that I can afford without going into savings for them. And they are fine, I like them enough, but it pisses me off that I went to IKEA thinking I would find cheap shelves like everyone else does and I didn't.


  1. Boooo.....Im heading to IKEA this weekend for shelves, too. I hope I manage to find the cheap ones. I understand what you mean...I tend to always be able to pick out the ONE item at a store or specific sale that is still full-price, plus some!

    That just means we have GREAT taste. Ha! ;)

  2. That's what I keep telling myself! There were some shelves, the Hemnes that are nothing really special, but about 189 if you just get the tall bookcase. You can get doors, etc. which drives the price up. I say they aren't special, they were fine and at first, what I was going to buy. Then I saw what I want and of course, it has doors on the bottom to hide all the kid crap, a little nicer looking wood and more expensive. Anyway, I can't recall the name, but there were some shelves in that collection that cost 189 that were probably between four and five feet that I thought were really cool. They had two side by side against the wall and one had a picture leaning on top which I thought looked pretty nice. I would like those except I need the cabinets too. I realize my description isn't good, but I am sure you'll find them.

  3. I'm liking Target's shelving these days, although you get to put those together as well.