Friday, September 10, 2010

No David

There is a book called No David that I inherited over the summer from the person who was cleaning out her house by bringing over bags of junk she didn't want. The bags sat in my car until I could make it to the donation center and Goose saw the book. Turns out that he had already read the book and loved it. Now everyone in the house loves it. It's a fast read and something you don't mind reading over and over. The story is simple: a little boy is constantly doing something that his mother doesn't want him doing.

This is my life. I feel like all I do all day long is tell Snax NO. He is into everything. I had to make a new house rule about how to throw away your gum. Some people might think it's because I am an obsessive freak, but nope, it's because Snax goes into the garbage and chews it himself. The only break I get from him is when he is sleeping and even then, it's not much of a break because he is such a light sleeper. I can't believe that the fourth kid in this house is the light sleeper. I've never told anyone to be quiet because we're a loud house even when we're not mad. But for this kid, people can't even shut their doors normally. He is constantly hurting himself from falling off chairs. This kid climbs on chairs so that he can steal food from whoever might be eating at the time. And if you make him mad, he throws something. It's like everything he does is a big, fat NO.

I hate constantly telling him "NO". I try redirection, but this kid is stubborn. Cute, but very stubborn. He is much more curious than the other boys were at this age and there is no resting when he is around. He is the child that make me rethink the rules on television. He is the one that made me so very tired this week while trying to teach the other ones. He is a mischievous little boy and I love him so very much. I just wish I didn't have to stop him from doing so many things.


  1. Man, Snax sounds just like my little brother! He would be so stubborn about things that my mom would be so exhausted from saying "NO" that she would finally say "YES! JUST GO DO WHATEVER IT IS YOU WANT TO DO!" Lol. A personality trait that he maintains to this day...and he is 23! :)

  2. I think Snax will be just the same! I suppose it's good, just really exhausting...Last night I was so tired, I made myself a grilled cheese and told Lance I couldn't cook for anyone else. (b/c he wasn't tired himself after his busy week!) I passed out during the game.

  3. Ethan is the same way always into something. I do find myself letting him watch Thomas The Tank Engine video I bought him & a couple of the Nic Pre-School shows just to get 1 simple thing done. But he usually only lasts about 5-10 minutes unless I watch it with him. He does love Thomas. Neither of my boys were climbers but E is horrible. I caught him trying to climb over the upstairs railing to the downstairs Sat morning. Ethan has heard no so many times he laughs & this wknd started wagging his first finger at me!
    Praying for the patience you need, hey maybe a little TV is not such a bad thing! HAHA!