Monday, September 20, 2010

Daybook~ Trying to Get Settled

For Today...September 20, 2010

Outside my's dark outside. My first break for today. The weather was actually decent today. I would love for things to cool down, but I'm not holding my breath.

I am wearing...the same shirt as in the pictures and denim shorts. I will admit it now, I will probably wear this shirt for the rest of my pregnancy. I hate buying maternity clothes, it seems like such a waste. So this means, I have a rotation of like four shirts. I guess it's a good thing it doesn't get really cold here because I can wear them until the baby arrives.

I am listening to...Monday night football.

I am grateful phone call with Chel last week, my husband who keeps me in line, my kids who forgive, Mad Men, friends moving back to Houston and Castle starting tonight!

NOW, can I name the things that annoy me...okay, I won't, the list would be too long.

I am many books with Goose. We are on the home stretch of the Merlin Mission books of Magic Tree House. We are reading about two a week. Even with journaling and researching things we find interesting in the book, he is finishing them so fast.

I am thinking...that this week is already off to a bad start and how I can change that. Here's hoping tomorrow morning is a good one.

To be fit and healthy...SO...I have already gained 40 pounds, yes, 40 pounds. Nobody believes me, which means to my warped mind that I must look a lot bigger than I really am under normal circumstances, so thanks everyone for that one! weight gain is making my knee hurt so I took a week off from the gym and am now doing spin. No more Body Combat or Body Pump for me. Kind of bummed, but I love the spin class so I guess I'll be fine.

Around the house...I am purging big time. I have been collecting BA magazines since law school. Last year, I started going through them, pulling recipes and had about a year left to finish before I got bored with that project. That year turned into two years worth of magazines. Over the weekend, I finally tossed all of them, I didn't even bother looking at them. I'm over saving magazines. In fact, I think I'm about to cancel my subscription. I just purged my personal files this afternoon. My closet is next, then the boys. I am only keeping favorite outfits. If this baby turns out to be another boy, I guess I'm screwed. But I am done saving things.

From the happy to report that we are still keeping up with our menus. I am excited about what we're eating this week.

From the learning rooms...When I first sent Goose to school, I wasn't going to supplement at home at all. After all, he was gone all freaking day. But forget it. We're doing book reports, math facts, and are getting ready to start Story of the World, a history curriculum. If he stays in school and it gets to be too much, then we'll stop everything but the extra reading, if we pull him out, then we have something to go on. The Baby Hulk has proved to be a difficult student. My goal is three hours a week, total. We've turned everything into a game with him. It's amazing that since he turned four, he has thrown more fits than ever and not just during school time.

Towards rhythm and beauty...I have learned not to be quite as rigid with the schedule and that's a good thing. I suppose I am finally learning to be flexible.

I am praying...for peace.

Projects...picking out a paint color for our living room. I need the walls painted so I can get my shelves. This isn't really the season that Lance has tons of extra time to pick out paint colors. Still waiting on my garage to get going. Really worried I'm going to have a baby and contractors at my house.

One of my favorite things...reading with the boys. LOVE IT.

A few plans for the week...not much, I just want to organize everything.

Scenes from a birthday...

I am breaking my rule on not posting crappy pictures of people. Goose was so upset because I was kissing Baby Hulk and giving him attention on his birthday. How dare I?! This night had a lot of tears for Goose.


  1. What did you think about Castle??? Im undecided. I think I was expecting too much. Although, it is just a fun show no matter what, so at least there is that. Im loving Beckett's longer hair. I would like to have a hairdresser every day.

    You know...being around friends while they are pregnant, the weight gain is only noticeable to me when they gain in the face and cheeks. And just from pictures on here, you dont appear to have gained weight in your face, so that is probably why they say you dont look like youve gained 40 pounds. :) Im sure that doesnt help any, though! I'll stop now. Especially when I have no experience with being pregnant! Lol. My point is, you look fabulous.

  2. I'm with you on Castle. And I thought the exact same thing about her hair. I would LOVE to have someone do my hair on a daily basis. That and a massage...

    I love Nathan Fillian, however you spell it, and think he is so cute in this role. I like how he plays this role, but I would like more close moments with Beckett, esp since they aren't going to be together this season either.

    You're very sweet about the weight gain! My face isn't as big as normal, I guess carrying a girl this time. Usually, the weight spreads all over my body, even my arms get huge!

  3. Nicole! No way you have gained 40 pounds! NO FREAKING WAY! You look Great!

  4. 40 pounds my ASS! you actually look thinner this pregnancy than you did with the boys.

  5. Just my face, and I suppose the legs and arms have stayed relatively small. I know exactly what I weighed beforehand. Like I said, this all makes me feel fatter than I really was. You know how I get about that...