Sunday, November 21, 2010

Daybook~ Thanksgiving Week

For Today...November 21, 2010

Outside my's dark and warm again. Why can't the cold weather just stay here?

I am listening I've been listening to this all day long. You might think I could listen to music while driving in the car, but nope. If football is on, Goose is watching. I love this new side of him.

I am wearing...jeans and a black shirt. And my beautiful heart pendant! I love this gift from my husband.

I am grateful for...a weekend away with my husband and Goose. Lance and I hadn't been to New Orleans since I was pregnant with Goose, seven years ago. We decided to farm out a few kids and take who we thought would be easiest. We had a wonderful time, and so did the other boys. I am grateful to my parents for not only wanting to spend time with my boys, but also taking care of them for the weekend. Tonight when my mom left, two of them were crying.

Goose...was an amazing travel companion. Lance and I love art, we love talking to artists, going to galleries and museums. Goose seems to be picking up on this as well. It's exciting to me for him to be this interested at this age. He has his own opinions about what he likes and why. He couldn't believe all the Saints' paraphernalia throughout the city. When we explained how they won the Superbowl last year, his only comment was "do you think they were happy when they lost to the Cleveland Browns?" This kid is going to get his ass kicked one day because he talks so much crap. He is very aware of how his Longhorns are playing this year, but he is a trooper. Saturday, he made sure to wear his Longhorn shirt and today he wore his Texans shirt.

I am creating...lists. List of gifts for others, list of gifts for my kids, Christmas card list, birth announcement list, grocery list, menus, Christmas baking lists and lastly, my wish list! I am so upset that I have basically nothing so far. I figured we would hammer out things while driving, but got nowhere. So very frustrating. Plus, everyone wants to know what my kids want. Which is nice, but they don't want anything this year. Not kidding! Plus, we're trying to figure out Godparents for new baby. Who knew this could be so hard? Then I suppose I should figure out what I have left to do before baby arrives.

I am praying...for a wonderful holiday season. Things get started this week and it seems we'll be nonstop until after Christmas. Last year, we had a wonderful Advent and Christmas. I am hoping to focus on being grateful this week and then start preparing for Christmas after that.

The highlight of our trip...The swamp tour. There are things I have to do, and a swamp tour was one of them. Goose was super excited, Lance not so much. So we dropped him off at a casino and drove out of town. The tour was fine, but let's be real, we all wanted to see alligators. Nobody really cared about the ecological problems of the swamp, as bad as that sounds. We weren't disappointed. Goose even held a baby alligator. I touched it, but couldn't bring myself to hold it.

Around the walls are painted!!! I love the color and am so happy that my husband forced us to look yet again before the painters arrived. The walls look great and my beautiful Mother's Day painting looks so striking against the new color. NOW...I have to contend with my crappy fireplace again. AND...we need shelves. I thought I had found IKEA ones, but...they are white and my furniture is walnut colored. If they were built in cabinets, I wouldn't mind white, but now I don't want white. This week I am finding something.

From the learning rooms...We finished G week and learned a lot about "being Green" and our Guardian Angels. We have one last little project to complete before moving onto H. This week we are looking at staying Healthy and Holidays. I have a pretty good week planned out. Lance has asked that I go over the previous week so we can discuss progress and potential problems. I kind of like that. I have the next two weeks planned, then we'll take a break and just read and prepare for Christ with all our Advent books. Prepare for Christ and have a baby!

On living the liturgy...prepping for Advent and deciding which Saints we'll discuss this December. Since I just ordered two new books, Saint Nicholas and Saint Lucia, we'll obviously be discussing them.

From the kitchen...healthy food. Eating out nonstop will do that to you. Plus, it's picture time. I don't need to add more pounds to my face. I bet my family thought they would get out of taking a family picture this year since I am a super preg, but nope.

One of my favorite husband. He is just it. Period.

A few plans for the week...spin, walks with the family, Thanksgiving Day with our extended family, baking, shopping, Chelsea (be warned, despite UT's dismal record, I am sure BAM will bring up Bama's two losses) and nesting.

A picture thought I am sharing...

Getting ready for baby...


  1. What a sweet post! Hope NOLA was a blast!

  2. Hey...I didnt make it to the zoo today, so there is always tomorrow. ;)

    Glad you had a good trip!