Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More Thieves

We leave for New Orleans without a freaking money card because someone stole our check card info and charged about $800 worth of stuff in Pennsylvania. Freaking fabulous. The best was the charge for $134 at a fast food joint. Really? Thanks a lot, assholes. As if dealing with XM wasn't enough to stress me out.

Am I going to need a Label for Theft soon?


  1. Oh Man that sucks! My parents had this happen on a recent trip to Arizona. Bank caught it at $2500! You can go into a branch of your bank here & they will give you a temporary card for your trip.

  2. That's some BS!!!! People SUCK. :( Try to have a good trip, though!!

  3. Thanks! And the annoying thing is that my bank won't start paperwork until everything is officially posted. So for a couple of weeks, I am just missing money from my account. Between that and XM, I am going to die.

    Did have a great trip though!

    And Castle was on the list of "must record" on Monday night!

  4. Banks suck. Quick to take your money out, but slow putting it back in! Jeez.