Sunday, November 14, 2010

Daybook~Sick Boys

For Today...November 14, 2010

Outside my's dark, dreary and cold!!! It's about time. Hopefully it will stay this way for the next several months.

I am listening husband and Goose LOSE IT. The Texans just lost. Again. Poor Goose, he is SO into football this year, and both his teams just really suck. On a positive note, it is nice (I think) to see Lance and Goose bond this way. Goose has always been my boy, so I'm not used to the extra attention Lance seems to be getting these days.

I am pants, a black shirt and a grey sweater.

Today at the store...a woman came up to me and said she read my blog. She recognized Squirt who was shopping with me. And then...she said I looked tiny. TINY. I was so happy to hear that. Esp since my husband looked at me this morning and said he hoped the baby was petite considering how big my belly is. Now his statement didn't come out as rude as it sounds. And while I am mostly boyish when it comes to things like sports and cussing, I am ALL GIRL when it comes to my weight. So to hear a woman say I looked tiny was a wonderful thing, even if it isn't quite true. So thank you!!! Even better, I only had two kids with me so she didn't catch me snapping at my boys!

I am super excited...about next weekend. Lance and I are going to New Orleans! And of course, the boys are sick. First, it was Goose, now it's the Baby Hulk. Here's hoping No David gets sick tomorrow and not Friday morning. The boys always seem to get sick when we leave town and it's really hard on my parents. And we stay or go. We always go, and I feel guilty the entire time we're gone. We are taking Goose with us (the joy of loving football these days), but Lance isn't really open to having anyone else tag along, esp a sick kid!

I am grateful husband and weekend getaways.

I am kids get better soon. There is nothing worse than a sick kid. And the Baby Hulk does pathetic REALLY well. Plus, I'd like my bedroom back.

To be fit and happy...Is it bad to want my kids well so I can make it to spin?? Okay, that's not my first reason, but it's a close second. I have less than five weeks to workout before I stop for six weeks. These interruptions are killing me!

From the planned again. While I hate the fact that the kids are at school, I do love the routine it forces me to take with our meals.

Around the house...the painter arrives tomorrow at 10. Fingers crossed. We have settled on a color, and I can't wait to see how it turns out. Then I get my shelves. Maybe my family room will look the way I want before Thanksgiving!!! Of course, the shelves are from IKEA, so that means we have to put them together. So maybe the week after Thanksgiving...

From the learning rooms...What a week we had on F week. We studied Fire Safety, Football, made Fall leaf pictures, and practiced writing the letter F. (F week happened to line up perfectly with HWT this week.) I have noticed a great improvement in the BH's coloring this week as well. He is reading harder books, much slower, but still with a positive attitude. Basically, he loves his school time and No David is getting much better during learning time as well. We're onto being Green this week. Maybe I'll learn something myself. I'm not the best at recycling.

On living the liturgy...This week we studied St. Martin de Tours, a great saint. We talked about helping those who need it, even just acknowledging the person on the corner with a smile when we have nothing to share in the car. We missed Super Saints because of sick kids, but still did our own work at home.

One of my favorite things...Snoopy. I admit I've been a bit worried that Goose's love for Snoopy would be diminishing as he grows older, esp recently with his love for football. Last night I asked him what he wanted for Christmas, and he said a new bank. A football bank to be precise. A Snoopy football bank, like Snoopy catching the football. This bank does not exist. I spent all night looking for it and all I found was Snoopy sleeping on a football bank. And of course, nobody is selling that bank.

A few plans for the week...getting well, OB appt, trip to NO.

A picture thought from a few weeks ago...


  1. Sounds Like a great trip to New Orleans. BTW we have lots of brand new baby GIRL clothes if your interested! Great Grandma went a little crazy with the 1st 2 sonograms. Baby is def a BOY not a girl. Hope everyone is well in your household!

  2. I was shocked when I saw you at the grocery store...your stomach is so small...your previous blogs are incorrect, you look great and it's hard to believe that you will be giving birth in a month. You look great and I wish you many blessings over the next month as you await the arrival of Baby Z.

  3. Denise, will message you about the clothes!

    Thank you so much, Gloria. Seriously, you made my day. And thank you for the prayers. They are much needed as we make that final trek to birth! Still can't believe it's 4 weeks away!