Tuesday, November 30, 2010

That's How God Made You

Tonight when Goose was taking a bath he told me that he had two bumps you know where. Being mom, I started freaking out, wondering why he had bumps. Then he started saying how they kept rolling out of his hands like balls. Yes, we're already there. I told him that was how his body was supposed to be. Upon hearing this the Baby Hulk immediately asked "why" at least ten times. Somehow saying "that's how God made you" didn't work. Both wanted to know exactly why God had given them balls.


  1. Audrey is very clinical with that stuff. She decided she wanted to be a surgeon last year so she started reading anatomy books all the time. She has an anatomy encyclopedia she takes for silent reading time at school.

    Of course Cash is a touch and giggle kind of guy during diaper changing time.

  2. HAHA! Just the laugh I needed this morning!

  3. I hate to admit that both the Baby Hulk and No David have been fascinated with their body parts from day one. Love that Audrey takes an anatomy book to school!