Thursday, November 4, 2010

Long Week

The other day someone asked Lance if I had help with the kids. She couldn't believe we didn't have a nanny. I asked him if he told her I also clean my own house. Even after having a C-section you will see me on my hands and knees cleaning the floor. Personally, I think she would have been more blown away by me not having a housekeeper. The thing is I love my kids, and I actually love cleaning my house. Unless someone is sick. When two are sick, I hate it all. Like this week. Tonight was my breaking point. Lance had to go somewhere, and I was alone with these four kids. They pissed me off so badly, they were all in bed by 8:30. Of course, No David is up to his usual antics...turning on the lights while the others are trying to sleep. Everyone thinks the girl is getting her own room. It's No David who will probably be getting his own room before she does.

As I've been sitting here annoyed at my kids, I was thinking of things people have said to us over the last few are my favorites.

"Oh my God, are those all your kids?!"

"You are having a girl, right?"

"You know what causes that?" This one is my personal favorite and it seems that only men say it to Lance. How I wish he would just respond once with "yes, and thank God my wife loves it." (It's interesting to note that not one male has told him congratulations on this baby. Okay, maybe his brother and father.)

It amazes me that people are so weirded out by more than three kids. We really don't have that many. Although I did just realize that when we fly, we will take up more than a row. That kind of sucks for me considering I hate flying. Then again, Lance has said that we aren't flying anywhere with all the kids.

My other favorite quote of the week was from the Baby Hulk after I told him to do something: "you're not the real boss, Dad is."

On another note, I wrote Goose's teacher an email and she took several days to respond, then finally referred me to her class site. It had NOTHING on it. Am I a bad wife if I complain again about homeschooling???

On the Feast of All Saints, we listened to one family pray the litany of the Saints with their favorite Saints. Goose was really upset that St. Sebastian was not included in their list of Saints. I LOVE how the boys are claiming Saints as their own and forming a relationship with them.

On the Feast of All Souls, the boys prayed specifically for Bisa, Uncle Richard, Uncle Ed and Jessica's grandmother. These are the only people they know who have died, and I love that they remember to pray for their souls. People think I'm a freak, but I am constantly telling Squirt to pray for my soul regardless of what well meaning people say after I die. I can pretty much guarantee I'll be hanging out in Purgatory for quite some time before ever going to Heaven. Now he doesn't need the details, he just needs to pray. Hopefully, he will pass that on to his younger brothers and sister!

I'll end on a positive note: I made contact with a friend from law school last Spring, and the other day she asked if I wanted to pray the Rosary together! How awesome is that? She's not Catholic, but is really pulled in by the Rosary. Who knows where this will lead for her, but for me, I know that it does bring me much peace and joy knowing someone is praying with me and for me.


  1. (I didnt want to put this on the post with the msg to your mom for her birthday)...But whoo hoo for painting and shelves! I was so tempted to call in one morning lately when Lance mentioned you for something and ask him if he had finally made up his mind about a paint color, already! Ha! Crossing my fingers it gets done. :)

  2. Thanks so much!!! I can't wait until Monday at 10 am!!! Of course, I have sick kids now, but they will be better by Monday, no matter what! Then maybe shelves during the week...that have to be put together. UGH!