Wednesday, October 14, 2009

And The Winner Is

Anyone out there think that Lance and I don't rate our kids on a daily basis? Usually there is a clear winner and loser on our list. Today each one of them was working for last place. They all put up a good fight...

Baby Hulk didn't mind today at swim lessons and kept saying poo poo and pee pee. The teacher finally had to pull him out of the pool for refusing to listen. Such a proud moment.

Goose decided he didn't want to do any work today. This was even after the teacher pulled him from his work station and had him working on the floor next to her desk. Guess who will be super busy tomorrow?

As I was telling Lance about Goose's school situation, he read me an email from one of Squirt's teachers. It seems he was talking during a test. Oh, and this is the second email we have received from this teacher regarding Squirt and talking.

And my lovely little Kobra. He woke up from his nap in a foul mood and screamed nonstop for over an hour. He didn't want food, his sippy cup was tossed in fury and I had the honor of cleaning up a huge mess of milk.

Then there is Lance...I specifically called him while he was a the grocery store to ask for something sweet, something simple like a Twix bar. He came home empty handed. WTH???

Three out of four are in bed and I'm getting ready to open a bottle of wine and soak in the tub.

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