Friday, October 30, 2009

Not Alone

Goose has a conduct report daily. If he is good, he gets a smiley face. If he doesn't follow the rules, we get numbers according to which rules he failed to follow. I have been pretty worried because after the first few weeks of school, he has yet to have one straight week of smiley faces. There have been a few weeks with more notes than smiley faces.

This might not seem like a big deal, but since Goose has never been outside the house, I don't know how to gage his behavior. The teacher is more than willing to talk about Goose and his work and behavior, but I don't want to have to micromanage every second he is away from me.

I went to volunteer yesterday morning and sat with two moms who commented about things seeming a bit strict. I was all ears, ready to join in about the lack of smiley faces. Turns out these moms have daughters who always get smiley faces! What were they complaining about??? As soon as I was done, I called Lance to complain. He just said, "there's a difference between boys and girls."

Maybe he's right because today two other moms told me that their sons rarely get smiley faces. One kid went over a week without a smiley face. I guess I feel better knowing that Goose isn't alone is failing to follow directions!

He has made a 100 on every spelling test so far!!!

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  1. Get in line. My sons have always been rowdier than most of the other children at school but they always brought home good grades and they have always been good kids. There is a difference between a good kid who likes to goof around a little bit and a kid who is a troublemaker. As long as your son is doing well in school that is what matters most! Good luck!