Monday, October 26, 2009

A Day at the Zoo

Last week, the boys and I were finally all well enough for our long awaited trip to the zoo with the twins. We have had to cancel this outing for three straight weeks. Each week, Baby Hulk would ask about the twins and our plans. I hated telling him that once again they had been cancelled. But Friday was special, so special that I took Goose out of school early to join us. After all, last year we met with the twins every other week. I felt our group wouldn't be the same without Goose. After his behavior on Friday, I am thinking change isn't a bad thing for this group.

After a quick lunch at Niko Niko's, we headed to the zoo. The kids were so excited to see all the animals, especially the tigers and lions. And the weather was perfect! All of the animals couldn't get enough of the cool, sunny weather. How I wish Houston was like this year round. But then we'd be San Diego, and we couldn't afford to buy a house. We even found a new animal. Despite having a membership to the zoo and going at least 10 times last year, I had NEVER seen the grizzly bear. I was convinced the bear was new to the zoo until my friend pointed to the sign saying the bear arrived in 2007. My boys and I were going on and on about baby Miles, the giraffe, and were so excited to see another new baby!

Although Goose had a terrible day, (and I'm sorry, but there is just no other way to put it.), the rest of us had a blast. I love hanging with my best friend and her kids. Even though we talk daily, I love being able to sit and catch up in person and watch our kids play together. Plus, she's not offended when I yell at my kids!

Here are a few pictures from the day. We took over twenty pictures of the kids in front of this damn candy corn, and this is as good as it gets. We didn't even bother trying to get Kobra involved in the picture, we knew better.

Goose had just made a big deal about reading the sign 'No Climbing'. They listen so well.

The kids staring at a caterpillar right before two of the boys got in trouble for acting like they were going to step on it. Yes, one of those boys was Goose.

The whole gang...I really just wanted a picture of the moms, but the kids wouldn't move!

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