Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's 9:52 pm and OU STILL SUCKS



We're back from the game. We were gone exactly 24 1/2 hours and spent 650$. Was it it worth it? YES! That is college football. You spend what it takes and don't complain. It still would have been worth it had the Horns lost the game. (The win just makes the drive home bearable for Lance.) It was an ugly win, and I'm pretty frustrated with this team, but right now I'm just happy we won. I was stressed most of the game and started relying on prayer by the end of the first quarter. And yes, I think it is perfectly fine to pray for my team to win a football game.

I have to say my favorite memory of the game after winning was some loser sooner saying "congratufuckinglations" to me. And my dad telling him to "suck it". I have maybe one friend who will find this amusing because her dad would have done the same thing under similar circumstances. You have to love my dad, he tells it like it is. The loser sooner's friend thought it was pretty funny too.

Me and Dad

Me and My Uncle Steve

Me and My Baby, who wears UT clothing just for me!


  1. It's 6:26 and OU still SUX!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Awe, hubby wore UT shirt for you. What a guy. Hi, Nicole. CB Steve