Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Catch Up

I haven't been blogging lately because we've been going nonstop. That and the fact that we are a house full of sick people. Sick Mom, Sick Baby, etc. etc. Lance and Squirt are the only healthy people in this house. I would not have made it this week without Lance helping me so much.

I should have known somebody would get sick because we had a vacation planned for me and Lance. It always happens: either me or the kids get sick. I felt so bad this week that I thought we would have to cancel the trip. Never mind the fact that I would be leaving sick kids behind. Thanks so much to my mom for taking care of my kids! Lance and I would never be able to do these weekends without her.

Earlier this week, I went into Goose's room to get him up for school. As I was getting him ready for the day, I noticed that a picture of me and him was turned around. This picture is one of my favorite pictures...he is just a baby and I was reading to him. Lance bought one of those cheesy glass "MOM" frames for it. I asked Goose what had happened to the picture. He told me he had turned it around on Sunday because he was mad at me. Nice. I asked if he was still mad at me and he said no. He finally realized that he should turn it around. I would like to explain why he was mad. We had run to Memorial City mall to exchange a shirt for me. They have a play area for kids, and we didn't have time to stop. He cried the entire way home. I asked him why he didn't turn around his dad's picture and he said he was mad at me because I told him to stop crying.

Kobra is getting cuter and cuter as each day passes. And what a personality. I don't know why I am surprised, but this kid has an attitude. He can't really talk yet, but boy does he let you know when he is mad. And not just by screaming, which is what Baby Hulk does. He is trying so hard to really talk. Now if only he would try harder to walk!

Ever since Squirt started school, I have rolled down the window as I drop him off for school and yelled goodbye. The little boys love that. (I don't yell anymore, just a small wave.) Now Baby Hulk shouts after his brother when we drop him for school. I love the fact that while Squirt probably doesn't think this is the coolest of moves, he still turns and waits for this to happen daily. This is just another example of how sweet this kid is. Sure, he still allows a five year old and a three year old to get under his skin more than he should. But this is also a young man who is bothered by the fact that he will soon be gone and will miss watching his brothers grow up.

Goose has learned a new trick at school...taking the crusts off his sandwich. As picky of an eater as this child is, he has always eaten his entire sandwich. So, imagine my surprise the other day when I saw him pulling off the crusts of his sandwich. When I told him that we eat our crusts, he said, "well, some people don't."

Baby Hulk has a new move when he is mad. Peeing on the floor. This kid is so lucky I don't believe in spanking.

I am so behind on blogging about Super Saints, but we have been meeting and having a blast. I promise to update as soon as I get home.

Gotta run. Lance and I are in Chicago-our favorite place in the world! Nothing like a weekend without the kids! Thanks again, Mom!

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