Friday, October 16, 2009

Are We Just Crappy Parents?

Tomorrow is TEXAS/OU. Although I waivered a bit earlier in the week, Lance and I will be at the game. The only reason I considered staying home was because I am still sick and don't seem to be getting better. I figured making a twenty-four hour trip to Dallas would only make me feel worse. The fact that Goose's school carnival is tomorrow during the game had NOTHING to do with it. And I am fine with that. Honestly, kind of proud of it. Goose will be watching the game while his classmates are at the carnival. He has watched every TX/OU game since birth as have the rest of the kids.

Last night one of Lance's friends said he wasn't watching the game because his kid had to attend a birthday party. Really? First, can't his wife take the kid to the party? And second...oh well. The kid is six, it's okay to miss a party at six. The guy also mentioned a soccer game. Do I need to even go into the importance of a soccer game at six? So while I just thought the guy was crazy for missing the game (on TV), Lance thought to himself that he (Lance) was a bad dad.

Then today, at the gym, a guy told me he was missing the game because it was his son's birthday party. A better present might have been taking his child to the game. Or how about scheduling the party on Sunday instead of Saturday. I just don't understand it.

So does this make me a bad parent? Are my priorities totally out of whack? I just don't think so. This is college football!!!


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  1. Lance is so lucky to have a UT wife! Now if i could just get you to give MY wife lessons on loving UT mine would be perfect to! :)