Monday, October 12, 2009

My Daybook~ Will I EVER Feel Better

For Today~ October 12, 2009

Outside My is raining. I am waiting for some cool weather to arrive. I don't think I can deal with another week like last week. After being in Chicago with 40 degree weather, I am more than ready for at least some cool air to arrive here.

I am thankful...for my mother. Once again, she allowed me and Lance time alone for a long weekend in Chicago. She does this at least twice a year for us and never complains even though my kids tend to get sick as soon as I walk out the door. THANK YOU so much, Mom! We love you and appreciate you so much.

I am thinking...about today's homily. It was short and sweet, and asked "are you ready to allow God to help you?" This was so timely. I am really working on changing my bad attitude which has penetrated to all aspects of my life. When I try to do it alone, the results are disastrous, with God, well, the impossible happens.

I am wearing...pj's.

To be fit and happy...I went back to the gym today. FINALLY. I haven't worked out in almost two weeks due to either me or one of the kids being sick. Should I have gone? Probably not since I still feel like dirt, but I was going today unless somebody was puking or had a raging fever. Thankfully, everyone is on the mend.

From the kitchen...during lunch today, Lance and I planned a menu for the week, then I forgot to put the chicken in the oven. We made up for it by having breakfast for dinner. The kids love cornbread pancakes, so I don't think anybody missed our chicken.

I am listening workout mix. I hope it still inspires me tomorrow because I have to run.

One of my favorite things...CHICAGO. I LOVE this city...over New York, Paris, San Fransisco, Rome, Naples, Madrid. Maybe it's the company we keep once we arrive, but there is no place Lance and I would rather be than Chicago. There is so much to do, and it has the best restaurants. In a few years, we'll be taking the boys to experience the city, and I am already excited about it.

Chicago Botanical Gardens
On keeping new china cabinet arrived and we promptly had to send it back due to scratches. They delivered a new one right before we left town so we haven't had the chance to fill it up. This is my project for the week.

A few plans for the week...

  • Super Saints: we are discussing St. Teresa of Avila and St. Terese, the Little Flower
  • Swim lessons
  • mom's group at church
  • playing with my boys
  • skipping my son's school carnival for TEXAS/OU
  • hopefully, getting better
  • lunch with our friend Chris who plans my children's Halloween costumes
  • the zoo with the twins

A picture thought I am sharing...

Lance and I getting ready to celebrate Paul's Birthday


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