Monday, October 26, 2009

My Daybook~Rain, Rain Go Away, October 26, 2009

Outside my's been raining all day long. Supposedly, the rain stops tomorrow. It was so bad earlier, that I cancelled Super Saints. My friend told me that I just didn't want the kids messing up my clean house! It's not that, although Lance said he considered that thought. I really just didn't want families driving home in such ugly weather during rush hour.

I am thankful for...a really great Sunday. It was just me and the kids for church and late lunch and errands. And everyone was nearly perfect!!! Even me! This is so big right now. Even under the best of circumstances, the smallest things drive me crazy, (taking too long to get ready, forgetting a chore, whining, etc.), but since the start of what I now refer to as my depressive state, things are so much worse. I have no tolerance for ANYTHING. AT ALL. Everyone has noticed. (Maybe that's why people don't write or call me anymore.) But Sunday, I didn't freak about anything. And everyone had a great day. Well, except Lance who was in a rotten mood. I finally had to ask him not to ruin the day for us because the kids finally had a sane mother. Thankfully, he didn't tell me off!

I am thinking...about everything I need to do tomorrow. I have made a pretty big list, and I'm hoping to get everything accomplished.

I am workout clothes. Still. I am so embarrassed.

To be fit and happy...I'm in my normal workout routine and this should be a great week. Except I've noticed that I am always so flipping tired. I thought exercise gave you more energy. If I didn't know better, I would think I'm pregnant. And no, this is not an announcement. Although...what a great way to see if any of my friends actually read this blog.

From the kitchen...let's not even go there. Last night my kids had breakfast for dinner. It's really not that bad considering that the kids love when I make pancakes and biscuits for dinner. I am thinking about making that our regular Sunday night dinner. Have to check with Lance on that idea. As for today, Squirt got my lunch leftovers from Pappasitos, while the little ones had oatmeal. Maybe tomorrow will be better. I did see that Sonic was having a special on corn dogs Halloween night. I guess I only have four more nights to plan.

I am listening to...complete silence. It's almost scary. The little ones are sleeping and Squirt is reading.

On keeping home...I have yet to finish decorating for Halloween. I don't know how I forgot to decorate this year!

One of my favorite things...learning about new Saints. We are studying St. Martin de Porres this week. What an amazing man he was. I am so inspired by this man and all he did.

I am creating...another blog for Super Saints. I would like to keep all my Saints stuff on one blog so that I can see notes and pictures more quickly. Considering that I haven't posted an update about Super Saints in months, this might take forever. I have so much to share, so pray that I get going on this project.

I am praying...for more days like Sunday.

A few plans for the week...

  • Super Saints
  • getting haircuts for the boys
  • buying a few Christmas gifts
  • taking pumpkin patch pictures before all the pumpkins are gone
  • trick or treating
  • watching UT

A picture thought I am sharing...

My handsome boy!


  1. Martin De Porres has been my favorite Saint since I was growing up. It was Boty's also. We used to comment on him all the time.

    Love Mom

  2. Nicole I love your blog! I have listened to Lance & John since we moved to Houston 11 years ago. It's great seeing that I am not the only one with a crazy household. Which in turn makes me the a CRAZY woman at times! I have two boys 19 & 22 that live with my husband & I. Along with a PRECIOUS 7 month old Grandson, ETHAN & his Momma. Oh plus two boxers! Not a dull moment in our household! BTW I was your Advair & Nasonex supplier for a bit! Now I work from my home..which is really a challenge somedays!

  3. Our house is crazy, Denise! And it didn't seem that way until the 4th came along. We used to have three dogs. A long time ago, I was such a dog person, now I can barely handle the one outside dog we have. I was getting really frustrated the other day and a friend told me that she liked coming over because I was so real. I asked if it was because I wasn't afraid to get annoyed at my kids. She just smiled!

    Thank you so much for all the meds. They certainly helped our household.