Thursday, October 29, 2009

Why I Love My YMCA

Goose is five and has been going to the YMCA kid center off and on for his entire life. If I was working out, he was at the kid center. I trust the ladies who take of my kids. I have to, these kids are my life, so I have to like and trust those who care for them even if it's just for an hour. As I have struggled with Goose going to school, they have listened with a kind ear. They have missed him this Fall and have been happy to see him during school holidays. These ladies know what my children like and don't like.

Just Tuesday, one of the caretakers gave me a Woodstock for Goose's Snoopy collection. I couldn't believe it! And he is so happy! Woodstock rides in the car with Snoopy now and anxiously awaits for Goose to come home each day. Thank you so much to the wonderful women who care for my children just so I can workout in peace!


  1. My angel looks so happy with his Woodstock and Snoopy. He doesn't even have a fake smile for the picture.

    Love Mimi