Sunday, December 13, 2009

My Daybook~ Flexibility

For Today...December 12, 2009

Outside my's dark and dreary. It's wet and cold outside, which is making my kids get sick.

I am listening to...Wilco and Liz Phair.

I am wearing...jeans and a longhorn t-shirt.

I am thankful wonderful husband who helped me so much today. I was so blue yesterday from my plans changing that he stayed home instead of going to the Texans game. I decorated the entire house, and he even managed to get a tree tonight with the kids. Thank you, Baby!

To be fit and happy...I am so hoping that Kobra's double ear infection doesn't prevent me from working out this week. How selfish is that? At least I can admit this about myself.

I am wrapping...a ton of Christmas gifts! I am so excited about everything I picked out this year. I worked really hard on my list and tried to find meaningful gifts for everyone on our list.

From the kitchen...I have the menu planned for the week. Super Easy because as usual we have a lot going on this week. I am trying to use everything in our freezer before we buy anything new.

I am thinking...about life and how things don't always turn out the way you think they will.

To live the liturgy...Today was Guadette Sunday, and the kids were anxious about lighting a new candle on the Advent Wreath. We'll be studying Our Lady of Guadalupe and St. Juan Diego this week at Super Saints. I have some great books picked out for the rest of Advent. The only problem is the kids like to read the same books over and over and over. I can't get mad because I am the same way.

I am praying...that Goose and Kobra get better. Both have double ear infections and just don't feel well. I am also praying for a better week than last week. It was just a really bad week, and I was uptight the entire week. My weekend plans were totally derailed, and I hate that. I am not the most flexible person, and you would think that with four kids, I would learn to be, but not yet. I guess I'm praying for flexibility.

On keeping home...another deep clean yesterday because today was the day that I decorated the house. When you have the same house, you tend to decorate things the same way. This year it's completely different, and I am so happy about it. I think Lance really likes how I decorated this year too.

One of my favorite nativity scenes! I have a huge collection of nativities from around the world. I knew someone who had a collection years ago, and I decided I had to have one too. As with all things I collect, I went overboard. But it doesn't matter to me, I love each and every one. I remember my very first nativity scene and who bought me each one. I used to remember the year, but not anymore. I'm too busy for that. Every year, when I unpack the crates, I remember who gave me the gift and smile. It makes me very happy that so many people have contributed to something that makes me so happy. Interestingly, Lance has only bought one nativity for me and it was an ornament. I think that must be a hint that he thinks I have enough.

Another favorite thing...getting a Christmas tree for 16 bucks! I can't explain how happy this makes me. There are several words people use to describe, wife, nosy (very), bitchy, and cheap. I'm not sure which tops the list, cheap or nosy. of our family traditions is for Lance and the boys (three and up) to buy the Christmas tree. I am not allowed to be involved at all. So the past several years, we have spent about $200 on our trees. The trees are incredible, but this year, I suggested a cheaper tree. We are supposed to be living in a recession, right? Finally, Lance agreed and took the boys to Lowes tonight. When he brought me the receipt, I almost fell over. The tree isn't as big as we've had in the past, but it is still seven feet and full. I am putting lights on tomorrow. Good job, Baby! It makes me smile when we make the family money!

A few plans for the rest of the week...
  • Super Saints party on Monday
  • Confession on Tuesday, I really need this
  • Dinner with Cindy, Terese and Carter
  • swim lessons
  • daily mass...I missed this last week and it made a huge difference
  • more baking
  • workout, I hope!
  • Goose's school party
  • Christmas party

A picture thought I am sharing...


  1. My family and I have seen you at church before. We were amazed because you had 3 kids and you were all alone. Then I saw the youngest one and I leaned over to my husband and said "That HAS to be Lance's wife. Look at the baby! He is the spitting image!" I guess we were right! My husband wasn't able to comment because our 2 year old dashed out of the pew and he ran after him. :) Hope you have a great week and you get to work out.
    -Nikki Andrews

  2. Oh, the joys of being in Mass with little kids.

    My friends always say that Kobra is a little Lance. He has his temper too!:) It always seems that I have the little ones alone when Squirt is an altar server. Although I'm not so sure that having four boys in the pews alone is any better than three boys!

    Come say hi to us after Mass. We are always at coffee and donuts. We have to bribe the kids to be good.

  3. We have been out of town on the weekends lately and if not, going to Saturday night mass. We will start our regular mass schedule in January and we will come by and say hello. I didn't want to be some random stalker stranger coming up to you to say hello because I recognized Kobra! If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have noticed that it was "The other Nicole" from 1560. Actually, I am the "other Nicole". The few times I have called into the show, someone will come on the phone and ask me "Is this Lance's wife Nikki?" It happens every single time!

    Kobra is TOTALLY Lance. My 2 kids look like their daddy as well. We have an even match at home. I have a girl and a boy.

    See you soon! Hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

    -Nikki Andrews