Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Studying with Mom or Dad?

Which sucks more? I would love to hear what Squirt's answer would be. I was snooping on his Facebook page, and he's part of some group called "Why do parents think it is so easy to get A's?" Hmmm.....maybe because your classes are easy.

Squirt has finals this week, and he has been working really hard. Lance and I can get pretty frustrated at times with him because he doesn't always work to his abilities. Sunday he had a ton of work on his review sheets, and he had a concentration issue. I was convinced he would fail his finals.

One of his tests is a replica of his study sheet. Really creative, teacher. It did make it easy to study with him though. First, Lance went over the multiple choice questions with him, then asked me to finish up because he had work to do. I think I've said in the past that I don't do homework with Squirt. We learn completely different, and I get so frustrated and we end up really upset with each other. I promised myself I would go in with a positive attitude.

I must say I was impressed with his memorization skills! So I took it to a new level. I started asking why and for definitions. And he still knew it all. I am very proud of his work. Here's hoping for some kick-ass finals grades!

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