Tuesday, December 15, 2009

No Such Thing As Christmas Magic

Baby Hulk is so smart. I am always bragging about how smart Goose is because we worked so much together last year, and I had very specific examples of his brilliance. (BTW, he is as smart as I think he is...he scored 133 on the Naglieri Ability Test, turns out this is very superior, and even better than most gifted students. He must have got this from Lance b/c I was so not G/T. I'm smarter on the sneaky side of things.) Anyway....Last year someone gave us Elf on the Shelf for Christmas. I was a little unsure about using it this year because we have been focusing so much on Advent and Christ and St. Nicholas, but Lance convinced me to get it out. Since we just decorated this past weekend, he has only been up since Sunday night.

The premise goes like this...Santa sends an elf to each family that the family names. The elf reports back to Santa each night using Christmas magic. There are rules to follow and the kids were super excited about it. Baby Hulk practically recited the entire story to Squirt Sunday night.

Yesterday, Elephant, our family elf, moved. Goose was so excited and started talking to him and showing the whole family. Baby Hulk wasn't interested at all. He wanted to know which one of us had moved Elephant. The entire day he talked about Christmas magic being fake and how we moved the Elf. This is the three year old!

This morning, Lance got up and typed a letter from Santa about Elf's reports. Baby Hulk seems a bit more interested in Elephant now.

I think Hulk doesn't believe in Santa because he was with me when I bought all the Christmas gifts, including those that will be from Santa. I may have screwed myself on this one.

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