Thursday, December 17, 2009

Teacher's Pet

Okay, so maybe Goose isn't the teacher's pet with his less than stellar smiley face count, but she does seem to like him. Of course, at the beginning of the year I told her about the whole home school thing. She probably thought...just take him out already. Instead, she has been really sweet to me and my Goose. Today we were talking about words to describe the kids and she couldn't remember what she used to describe him. I received the following email tonight. I am so proud of Goose for so many reasons, but his good attitude at school really makes me happy.

Nicole..I recalled the word I thought of to describe Goose: happy. He is usually smiling and is enjoying what he is doing. Today when we got back from the cafeteria, he told me he left his note. I had to ask 'what note' and he know the one my mom writes me every day. I said oh yes and let him go back to get it only to be turned away when he got there..not sure why..maybe tables were cleaned already. But anyway..happy and caring are only 2 words to describe him. I know you miss him but he is growing up and you've done a great job with him. He thinks about you too and it's those little things that make his day special while he's away from home. Thank you for sharing him with me. He is fun and I look forward to seeing him every day.

BTW, my little boy has kept every note (except for today's note) I have written to him. I love that he wants to keep them!

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