Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Keeping House

I am what some people might call a neat freak, picky or basically just a pain in the ass when it comes to my house. I don't leave the house with beds unmade or dishes in the sink. EVER. I am constantly cleaning this place. Even though I've been really depressed about the whole school situation with Goose, I am still a freak about cleaning. I might be spending a lot of money these days, but you can eat off my floor. Everyone knows this about me.

I am trying to teach my kids a lot of lessons, including the importance of being neat and clean. I am constantly telling Squirt that one day he will appreciate my nagging about cleanliness and at the very least, his future girlfriend or wife will. Overall, my boys are pretty neat and like things clean too. Once, Goose went to someone's house and reported to the mother that he couldn't play because the place was a mess. (I might need to work on teaching manners a bit with that one.) Today, my little Kobra was throwing a fit because he didn't like what I served him. I took him out of his high chair and told him to pick up the food he threw on the floor. AND he did it! He placed it back on his tray. Then afterwards, he put his sippy cup in the dishwasher and closed it. He is so my kid!

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  1. My wife an I completely feel your pain concerning school. We have a 5 year old daughter that started kindergarten this year. At her first parent/teacher conference her teacher told us that Audrey had already mastered all of kindergarten and there wasn't much for them to teach her. Thanks. Since then she comes home and tells us how bored she is and has started getting in trouble for being disruptive. We've tried talking to the principle but all she wanted to tell us about was their GT program which doesn't even start until March. Thanks again but what are you going to do to educate my child now. Of course when we moved out to Cypress the school system was one of the selling points.

    Today she is doing a trial day at the Rainard School for the Gifted. We think she'll have a much better experience there.