Saturday, December 5, 2009

Screw Nebraska

Just a few notes while I am watching the game...First, Baby Hulk just said "screw Nebraska". Do I have to be upset? Honestly, I'm not. I can't even pretend to act like I care.

Second, I have this friend who thinks I am the perfect Catholic, which anyone who knows me, knows this is SO. NOT. TRUE. Anyway, when I cussed during the first few minutes of the game, she was completely offended and threw my Catholicism in my face. How can I deal with that? This is another reason why I watch games by myself or with my brother and dad. (FYI...Hector is at a bar by himself watching the game.)

I have a great Christmas list on the off chance that Texas doesn't win, but let me just be clear, another Fendi isn't going to make up for a loss to a crappy Nebraska team.

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