Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Daybook~ Heading to Pasadena

For Today...December 6, 2009, The Longhorns freaking won. Literally a last second win, a second that had to be reviewed and put back on the clock. But they did it, and now we are playing for the National Championship!

Outside my window...It's dark and rainy. It's been dreary all day. You'd think I would have cleaned all day or been super productive, but I wasn't.

I am listening Ipod, an old playlist. I am in desperate need of updating this thing.

I am wearing...Christmas boxers and a black tank and Snoopy slippers.

I am thankful for...a win last night. I think my family is too. I finally stopped cussing and screaming.

To be fit and happy...I don't even want to go there. The eating tons of food season has officially begun. It started with Banana Bread and is now into Twix on a daily basis. Thank goodness, I love my workouts because I start baking this week.

I am reading...a ton of blogs right now.

From the kitchen...I'm so proud of our family. We stuck with our plan and ate what I planned for the week. I've already planned the menu for this week, and Lance made the grocery run. We should have another successful week.

I am thinking...that I go to bed way too late for someone who goes nonstop each and every day starting at 6 in the morning. I always say this is going to change, but it never does. Then I get sick.

To live the liturgy...We had a great first week of Advent. Today we celebrated the feast of St. Nicholas. The boys had coloring pages and received new slippers. The boys picked their own gifts for the needy and were really excited about that. Tuesday is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. We'll be covering that in Super Saints as well as eat a meal in Mary's honor. We have been lighting the Advent wreath each night and singing O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.

I am praying...for more patience and will power. I think I'll always be praying for these things.

On keeping home...I still haven't decorated the house. I think Wednesday will be the day that all the decorations come out. I hope we are creating a great atmosphere of anticipation in our home.

One of my favorite things...priests that speak about things that their parishioners don't want to hear. It's hard living in Texas and talking about the death penalty or immigration. You rarely hear a priest talk about Catholic teaching on these social issues. As in, I've heard these two topics a total of 5 times since 1995 during a sermon. Today, my favorite priest talked about both these topics, and I can promise you this priest is not a bleeding heart. It's mean of me, but I hope people were squirming in the pews instead of rolling their eyes. This was so timely for me because just last night someone told me how wrong it was to help illegal aliens. It's hard when people don't focus on mankind's humanity. So, Thank You Father for reminding me that I do have to speak up no matter how flawed a human I am. I probably won't be changing anyone's mind, but I don't have to stay silent about basic human truths.

A few plans for the rest of the week...
  • mail Christmas cards
  • buy two more gifts
  • swim lessons
  • Super Saints
  • daily Mass
  • workout
  • decorate!
  • see the twins
  • find tickets to the game
  • bake
  • make my newest Godson's blanket
  • Austin for the Santa party
  • Heather's 40th birthday party
  • finish last week's list....
A picture thought I am sharing...

The boys in their new slippers, notice Baby Hulk has football slippers. I am so freaking proud of that kid.

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