Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mom's Company

Last night, I woke up to find Goose snuggled in bed with me. Actually, I didn't really notice because he is smart enough not to make any noise when he comes to my room. If he doesn't wake me up, I can't send him back to his room. Gifted, this child. The Baby Hulk isn't quite as smooth. He came to my room to find Goose already next to me. And started crying. Loudly. If Goose had seen this scenario, he would have pushed the offending child out of the way or gone to the other side of me. Not Baby Hulk. Finally, I told him just to snuggle on top of me, but then realized how dumb that was. So off I went to the lower bunk bed to help the Baby Hulk fall back asleep and not wake up a third child. (Actually, a third was already awake feeling like he was going to puke.) I had not been in the little boys' room very long when I heard the thump thump of foot steps and someone climbing up the ladder. Then I heard more movement going back down the ladder. Finally, Goose asked if I could sleep with him in his bed. Turns out he left MY room in search of me so we could still sleep together. After getting Baby Hulk back to sleep, (no easy task as he is a talker once he wakes up), I got Goose to sleep and returned to my room. The only problem, the person I was supposed to be sleeping with had already left for his show. Sigh.

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