Sunday, June 6, 2010

Not A Donation Center

With four boys, there are A LOT of hand me downs in this house, so in theory I'm not against hand me downs. BUT...I draw the line at stained clothing and rusted out toys. I've done laundry at least twice a week since I got married so I will never run out of clean clothes. There is never a reason for people to give me stained onesies because I might run out with a newborn. I promise, I won't. When the boys outgrow their clothes, I sort through them, fold and organize them according to size and place them in the attic. When I finally pass these clothes on, if somebody wants them, they will be neat. I can't stand organizing clothes someone else didn't care enough about to organize. It's more work for me. Yesterday, I received dried out play dough and rusted lawn chairs. They went in the trash. Why do people think they are doing me a favor by giving me crap they don't want in their house anymore?


  1. I hope the person that gave you those isn't reading this!!!

    But, I totally agree. I never pass anything on I wouldn't be totally thrilled to receive.

  2. You better hope others aren't reading my next topic! But seriously, I'm over it. Huge bags of clothes, toys. Totally drives this OCD person insane.

  3. And just to prove that this person doesn't read my blog or listen to anything I say...I received a box of junk while I was working out. The lady said, "if she doesn't want it, you can throw it away." Which is exactly what Lance did. WTF? What makes me the most annoyed is that I don't keep crap, junk, or a messy house. Why would anything think I of all people want this shit?!