Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Music Time

I love living in Houston because there are so many opportunities to expose the kids to the arts. For the past two days, the children and I have enjoyed performances at Miller Outdoor Theater. Yesterday, young children from throughout the city performed on various instruments. There was one girl who was six years old playing the violin. Goose could not get over the fact that someone his age was playing the violin. Today we saw the symphony. The boys picked out the various instruments and recognized some of the more popular classical songs.

I really like exposing the boys to classical music, opera, plays, musicals and art. Do I think they are going to love all of it? Probably not, but they can sit through at least forty-five minutes of an hour performance without fidgeting too much and can talk about the music afterwards with me. I would love for one of the boys to really get into classical music and especially opera because my best friend has a library of music that would make most jealous. One of my kids has to inherit this one day!

So far this summer we've seen a musical and an opera, in addition to the last two days of music. Goose liked the opera a "little-lot", which probably means not at all, but that is okay. I am just happy that he is exposed to things like this at an early age. So despite the unbearable heat, we will continue to flock to this wonderful outdoor and free theater the rest of the summer.

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