Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Not Quite Wordless or Wednesday Photos

So very happy to see big brother!

Nothing weird about reading with a mask on, right?

My surprise purchase this fridge has never looked so bare!

I will never complain about roses from my Baby! Thank you, Lance!


  1. Nicole-I just love how much the little boys love Squirt & how he is so cool showing his love right back in public. Some kids Squirt's age would rather die than admit they have siblings or parents! Awesome that Squirt is into ROTC.

  2. Denise, we are so proud of Squirt. He is all teenager, sulky looks, thinks we are the meanest, strictest parents, but at the same time he is never afraid to show his love for his brothers. He is so proud of them too. He loved JROTC camp and isn't afraid of going into the military. We're hoping ROTC in college, but either way, I know he'll be fine.